Barrel Sauna 280 Delux

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When you look for spacious one room sauna, then Barrel Sauna 280 is an attractive choice.


A spacious 1-chamber thermal wood sauna with a 210 cm long bench in each wall, accommodating 4-6 people. In front of the steam room is a compact terrace/canopy with seats where you can cool off or wait for your turn. In addition to the sauna, a half-moon back glass has been installed, which would ensure a cozy view from the stage.

The sauna is assembled and prepared for an electric heater. Sauna color: mahogany

  • Dimensions: 226 Ø x 280 cm
  • Number of people: 4-6
  • Weight: 770 kg
  • Door dimensions: 189×70 cm
  • Window dimensions: 91.5×30 cm
  • Outer wall: 42mm
  • Inner wall: 42 mm
  • Roof: black shingles
  • Material: thermal pine
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