Playhouse Anders


Playhouse Anders is 3,6 m² one and half storey playhouse with small yard and terrace.


Floor, roof and wall board: 16 mm
Wall height to eaves: 172 cm, total height 222 cm
Area: 3.6 m² + terrace 2.3 m².

Roof area: 5.2 m²/ under-roof 0.8 m² roof angle 28° and 8°
Dimensions of the door opening: 54×112 cm
Dimensions of non-opening window opening (plexiglass): 56×56 cm and 56×25 cm
Material: fir wood

The playhouse can be painted or tinted as desired.
Roof top material is not included.

Package size: 50x120x230 cm
Package weight: 360 kg

We recommend to build a foundation, if possible

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