8 reasons why a child should have a Capra playhouse in the garden

A playhouse is a good way to make your child’s childhood more exciting and offer him the opportunity to play safely in his garden, but at the same time spend time outdoors. Here are 8 reasons why installing a playhouse in the garden for your child is a very good idea.

1. The playhouse makes children more independent

If the child has his own house, where he/she can arrange everything by his own, invite his friends to visit and do things on his own, the child becomes much more independent, and this is a quality that is definitely worth developing in the child.

2. The playhouse develops a sense of responsibility

If the child has his own house, he must also be responsible for it. This means that he keeps his house tidy, outdoor toys in their place and takes care of it like his own little home. This also comes in handy in adulthood, when you have to manage your life in the same way.

3. The playhouse helps your child to reduce screen time with phone and  other devices.

It is a real challenge to reduce your children screen time with phones and other devices.  The playhouse, on the other hand, offers an opportunity to play outside, so the child spends more time in the garden and in the fresh air.

4. The playhouse keeps the child more active and healthy

Even if the playhouse does not involve very active play such as tumbling and jumping,  your child is still a more active there, rather than staying indoors and playing with the computer or phone. There is always something to do in the yard or garden, so it is easier to get your child also involved.  Spending time outdoors is a great benefit for your child’s health. They will get stronger immune system and nice tan on their cheeks!

5. Playhouses develop your child’s creativity

At first look playhouse may seem only like a small tiny house. Your child will turn it into a shop where you can sell milk over the door; a cafe where you can serve lemonade to your friends or an art gallery where you can present your drawings. It can be a Halloween house, a castle or a Christmas Headquarters!  Or for much more to discover and play with. Give your child’s creativity a chance!

6. The playhouse develops  your  child’s communication skills

With such a beatiful playhouse in your garden, it is a matter of time when your neighbours children will come and join your child. This gives the child the opportunity to host his guests like an adult and develops his communication skills.

7. Being more active improves your child’s sleep

There is no secret that an actively spent day outdoors brings a much better sleep to a child than sitting indoors on a beautiful summer day. Playing various games, During the day makes your child to be really tired in the evening and sleep well during  all night.

But why not sleep in the playhouse itself? Bring down mattresses and sleeping bags, lets have a pajama party with friends. The older ones may tell ghost stories by flashlight, and the younger ones feel special when they are allowed to play with their friends after bedtime.

8. The child is always on your sight

With playhouse in your garden, it gives you a certain peace of mind that your child is busy with playing. You can keep your eye on the child, so that everything is fine with him.

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