If and how the child could participate in the construction of the playhouse?

Are you planning to put up a playhouse in your yard? Plan, build and decorate it with your child

As adults, we know how exciting it is to choose your own home. Carefully consider what the family’s needs are and later furnish it all according to your own style – choose the wall color, furniture and decorations as well. Children love to imitate adults, and let’s face it – involving children in such activities is a good excercise for them. If you let the child choose his own playhouse, build it together or assemble it, and later decorate it, he will feel like a adult who makes very important decisions. What could make you more proud than a house built with your own hands?

It all starts with planning

As with the purchase of a real house, building a playhouse also begins with planning and the needs of the child. You can choose a really tiny house or a much bigger one, where the child’s friends can also play or even sleep on the mattresses on summer nights to have a pajama party – after all, you can talk secretly in the playhouse even in the dark without disturbing anyone. The playhouse can even have its own terrace, where your child can enjoy the sunshine.

Get your child involved  in building the  playhouse

When the plan of the playhouse is ready it is time to start building. Get your child involved in construction. When the playhouse is finished and ready,  your child will definitely feel proud to present it to his friends.  Building his playhouse will be a lifetime memory  for him.

Some parents prefer to build a playhouse from scratch themselves. That will take certain skills to make the house tidy and safe. Others may prefer a turnkey solution. Whatever the options, it is definitely worth including your child in the action. Your child can assist you in construction with hammering for example. He can also be a helper, holding your tool or bringing necessary details A whole family can be  involved in constructing a playhouse. And your child has an important role too!

Everything needs to be done according your child’s choices

Grown up people consider normal that their house is decorated and furnished as they want to. How can it be different with your child? In your children’s playhouse everything should be exactly how your child wants it to be- no matter how crazy it is.

Your childgren’s playhouse facade can match or can not match the design of your house and and the fence. Its up to you. But when we talk about the  interior part of the playhouse, then let your child create a design  of his dreams, where he feels like the master.

Respect your child’s privacy

Children often copy their parent’s behavior.  Mostly, parents don’t want anyone to enter their property without  permission.  You should also give some privacy to your child in his playhouse. It is important  him to feel that he  takes care of this place and it really belongs to him.

However, if you are invited to the playhouse for a game night, it is also a magical way for parents to remember their childhood, where they could play with their friends in similar places. Lots of exciting stories and memories were created then and will be created there in the playhouse!

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