Capra Playhouse: a good way to get your child to play outside

Playhouse: a good way to get your child to play outside

Children tend to be a lot of time indoors, they spend a lot of time with TV, computer games and smart phones.  Parents often have a hard time of how to get children outside to play. They have to figure out new play opportunities that can be done in the open air and, most importantly, using their imagination.

When your home has  a fence, you should probably think to arrange  a children playground area, and setting up a playhouse that offers unlimited opportunities for creative outdoor play.

The playhouse fits for children of all ages

Wooden playhouses are designed to last, and with proper care they will last for many years. Unlike plastic, wooden playhouses can also be re-sanded and painted when their appearance starts to get worn out.

This means that a wooden playhouse will last for a longer perion and it is suitable for a child of any age. The games in the playhouse also change, as your child is getting older.   While the little ones may prefer to organize tea parties with their parents, the older children gladly invite their friends to the playhouse as well. Over the years there many sweet memories are made there.

You can play in the playhouse in any weather

Hot or cool rainy weather, does not really invite children to play outside. However, if there is a playhouse in the garden, it offers  shade on hot summer days, and the ice cream will not melt in the shady playhouse.

Same story with the rain – it is great to arrange a picnik in a  playhouse picnic with warm blankets while you could hear the rain on the roof.

What about pajama party at the playhouse?

Children are usually  excited when they can spend the night  outside in a tent. Usually the excitement cools down fast,  children often ask to go inside after only an hour spent in the tent.  In the playhouse your child can invite his friends to spend conveniently  the night with mattresses and blankets.

Playhouse is safe and convenient place to play

While there are usually trampolines, slides and swings in the yard, many parents have concerns that their child can get hurt if they are not carefully watched. That can be true – accidents are easy to happen when jumping, sliding and turning. However, playhouses are very safe for outdoor play, and parents can let their children play with ease without worrying about them falling or injuring.

Playhouse is a stylish garden ornament

As for parents, the playhouse also has several advantages for adults –  the playhouse is a real point of beauty in the garden. Solid wood playhouses are a delight for those who appreciate minimalism and quality, and the possibilities for decorating it are endless – the house can be painted any color and cute details such as flower lamps or a tiny mailbox can be added to make the house look like a mini version of the big house.

Children toys can sometimes be a headache for the parents, as they are left on the lawn here and there. A playhouse can also be a storage place for a toys, so they can be picked up easily and fast.

Your children will gradually grow up but the house will still have those priceless memories waiting for the next generation to play with.

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